Cardology = astrology + numerology + the playing cards

Cardology (also known as the Cards of Destiny) is the astrology and numerology of the playing cards. It can reveal the secrets behind your life’s purpose, show you obstacles you need to overcome and outline your inherent skills. Learn more about it here.


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Cosmic Compatibility

Cardology can help you better understand the purpose behind your relationships. To learn more about the compatibility of the cards, click here.

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The Royal Archetypes

Not only can you find out the energetic connections between two cards, in relationships… you step into the Royal Archetypes of your suit.


Cardology (also known as the Cards of Destiny) is the science of the playing cards. (Yes, those same cards you play go fish, solitaire and poker with.) Each day of the year has a card assigned to it along with the hand that goes with that card. Yep. The hand you were dealt. Or rather, the hand your soul dealt you. Cardology can help you understand what your soul was trying to achieve when it chose this blueprint for your life.

The cards can tell you about different areas of your life:

1. Your personality, soul purpose and what you are here to learn

2. The obstacles and opportunities you might experience during each year of your life

3. The energies between you and another person (card). Just like you can’t escape being your card, you can’t escape these energies, but you can learn how to manage them. Your Cosmic Compatibility tells you more about the inherent energies in your relationships

Cardology incorporates astrology, numerology and archetypes into one streamlined system.

Each card in the hand is in a different planetary position (such as Jupiter, Mars, etc.)

The numbers (Ace to Ten) relate to traditional numerology. The Jack, Queen and King are related to the archetypal energies of Prince, Queen and King.

Cardology also relates to the calendar itself. The 52 cards equal 52 weeks in a year. 12 court cards = 12 months of the year. 4 suits = 4 elements & 4 seasons. 13 cards in a suit = 13 lunar cycles.

The suits of the cards are associated with the seasons and the tarot:

Hearts represent childhood, spring, water & cups

Clubs represent school-age years, summer, air & swords

Diamonds represent earning years, fall, earth & pentacles

Spades represent the wisdom years, winter, fire & wands

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